Still Having Trouble With…

I am late writing again! I had 2 clients I had to take care of this evening and my husband was home late so that meant I had to do my workout late too.  For normal people my age Friday night is just beginning at 9pm and mine is currently winding down.

Math was more Life of Fred.  Today he learned about “boxable” and “unboxable” numbers which is an introduction to the idea of prime numbers which will come on Monday I think.

History was another couple of pages from the Usborne history book and more about Crete and the Minoans.

For science we did something a little different.  I got a book with short stories that tests reading comprehension.  You read a short story then ask the kid a few multiple choice questions to see what they do with the information they are given.  Today’s story was about whales and how they are different from fish.

Reading was more from Odyssey.  We finished the first section of the book and start the next section on Monday.  Today the Greeks almost made it back to Ithica but the sailors got a bit antsy and let the wild winds out of a bag that was given to Odysseus.  Big Kid thought that was a really bad idea and that they should have just been patient. I tend to agree.

Now, on to the trouble I was mentioning in the title.   I had BK do copy work today instead of reading questions, since we did comprehension questions with science, and things didn’t go wonderfully.  It doesn’t seem to matter what paper I give him.  I have 5/8″ paper and I have college lined paper and it is the same issues each time.  The top is his first attempt and the bottom is his second attempt after I told him what wasn’t okay about the bottom.  I know he is CAPABLE of excellent handwriting.  I have seen it.  I am just not sure how to get it at least 75% of the time.

photo (14)

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