Completed 29th Week

Well that simple doesn’t seem possible does it?  I know it doesn’t seem possible to me! I counted them out this afternoon and then used an online calculator too, so I am quite sure.

This week seemed to go by so quickly.  As the weather gets nicer and nicer we have been spending more and more time outside where we all prefer to be.

Math this week was pretty usual! We finished Life of Fred Cats and started Dogs.  It is the last of the first four books that I had purchased so I will need to get the next ones soon it seems!  I have had BK do a lot of Khan Academy this week too in an effort to get more practice in with addition and subtraction including borrowing and carrying.  He asks to do it and enjoys it (and it’s free!) so it is a win/win.

In history we covered more about Ancient Greece.  We learned about the Greek alphabet and how similar it is to the one we use now for English.  Big Kid did a great job pronouncing the Greek letters while looking at what they looked like.  We also read some about Ancient Greek art and how they used geometric symbols to draw things like people and to make patterns on vases and other items.

Science was a variety of things this week.  We read more of Tarantula in my Purse and are nearly done with it.  I think we finish it next week.  One of the chapters was about a bat in a fridge.  Big Kid thought that was hilarious and I have posted a photo below of his drawing about it.  We also talked about budding plants and how other plants are just waiting for it to be warmer to bloom.  To illustrate this we stole a few clippings of a neighbor’s forsythia plant to bring inside in a vase.  We are excited to see how quickly it blooms compared to what is outside.  We also watched a few episodes of Magic Schoolbus and an episode or two of the BBC documentary Africa.

For literature we have covered more of Tales from the Odyssey. We read another huge chunk out of it and have just 1/3 of the first book left and we will finish that next week!  Little Kid is still pretty scared by it but she is a sensitive kid sometimes.  She still listens willingly, just lets me know when she isn’t liking a section of the story.

Little Kid is also working quite well on her reading skills.  She read “Africa” on the television all on her own.  It is neat to see her language skills growing that way with very little effort (if any) on my part.

Also worth noting here, we got our letter from the state that the course of study and the portfolio I put together were complete so that is awesome.  It is nice to know it is all taken care of and I don’t have to worry about that again until next March.

photo (15)

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