It’s Friday Already?

I will never understand how Monday can come then suddenly it is Friday.  It never happened that way until I started homeschooling and now the week FLIES by.  Someday I will have to do some scientific research into why that happens.

This week was week 30 and since BK completed 7 weeks at public school this should be his last week as a “first grader”.  This marks 37 weeks of this school year and with including the few days off we have had here and there it would make it 36 full weeks, or a typical full school year.  Pretty impressive if you ask me, considering we are only in April.

Math was mostly more Fred this week.  I did have BK take the Teaching Textbooks placement test for book 3.  He passed with flying colors so if we go that route, we will be getting that book/CD set.  I still haven’t decided but I am leaning in that direction.  We also used Khan Academy a bit more too and BK enjoys this because it *usually* means that he gets to play Minecraft after he is done.

Science was a mish-mash.  We finished Tarantula in my Purse so that was exciting.  It was a decent book though I still stand by my opinion that it was a bit boring and dry.  We also learned about ice (pictured below) because the pool has started to thaw.  It wasn’t frozen in one solid block anymore but rather in “sticks”.  It was pretty interesting to look at, even for me.  Also pictured below are some clippings from the neighbor’s forsythia bush.  We learned about how some plants aren’t waiting for more sun or more water to bloom, they just want it to be warm.  So we brought in the clippings to force them and show how much faster they bloom just from being inside where it is warmer all day/night.

In history we started (and finished) a new book, You Wouldn’t Want to be a Greek Athlete. It was an interesting book though it covered a lot of material that I think some families wouldn’t be too fond of.  It talked about wrestling naked and how some athletes would be killed during different events etc.  Not really “awful” things but things that I know some families don’t agree with presenting in 1st grade.  Of course that is part of the appeal, especially to little boys like BK, because they enjoy that type of information.

We also read more about Greek art and BK made a Greek tile out of self hardening clay.  It was very similar to the Sumerian clay tablet we made before only this one was made of a different kind of clay.  Big Kid still enjoyed it too and that is what matters.

For reading we finished Tales from the Odyssey Part 1.  We actually finished it yesterday since the kids were asking how it was going to end and it was sunny outside, so I read it to them yesterday afternoon.  It was a very fun book with lots of adventure.  There was quite a bit of death and sadness in it, but it wasn’t terribly graphic or anything.  That also lead me to find out the kids REALLY enjoy being read to during lunch because I finished the book yesterday and they wanted me to read something today during lunch too, even though we had finished the book.

I have decided we are taking next week off since we are at such a good break point with both the science book and the reading book finished at the same time, plus we finished that history book as well.  I do think I will read a book to them next week though, despite being “out” of school, and will let you know when I have picked it and what they think of it.

Ice from the Pool

Ice from the Pool



A coloring page from Story of the World

A coloring page from Story of the World

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