Back at it

We took last week off!  We hadn’t had a week off in 37 weeks (including public school at the start of the year).

We did read Matilda, and are still reading it.  I had been reading it to both kids but have taken to having Big Kid read it aloud so we can work on more words with him.  There are a LOT of difficult words in Matilda so it is a great chance for him to see the words, find out what they are, and then figure out what they mean.

We had a little trouble adjusting back into the routine today but overall it went well enough.  Fred to start the day.  We worked on chapter 8 today.  I still haven’t decided on what to do for math after this book of Fred.  We have no more Fred books (I need to order the next ones)…we only have about 10 chapters left in this book.  Ack!

In science BK sat in the woods with a clipboard and answered a few questions about what colors he saw, what he heard, and what season it was etc.

In history we learned about the Medes.  A lot of the story sounded like fairy tale and honestly with that book I sometimes have trouble figuring out what is SUPPOSED to be myth and what is actual history.  I am sure the kids are having similar trouble.  I need to do a bit of my own research it seems.

In reading we started Tales from the Odyssey Part Two.  It is a great book.  BK has been reading another version of the same story, The Odyssey, during rest time every day.  He likes it a lot and was talking to me today about the various monsters in the book.

Overall it was a decent day.  It was very sunny so that was amazing and meant a lot of time outdoors.  Hopefully the rest of the week goes well too!

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