Another Week Done (and picture overload)

We finished another week on Friday and now I am way late for my weekly post! Oops.  It has been pretty nice outside here lately (at least for New England!) so we have been spending a LOT of time outside.  It is great, it just means not as much time for computers and posting to the blog!

This week was pretty low key over all.  It didn’t really feel like we did a lot of stuff but looking back at the pictures we covered quite a bit of information.

Math was more Fred.  Last week was a lot of focus on functions.  I have included a picture below of one of our function problems.  We had to find the “rule” that explained the function.  Some of them were pretty tricky and others were rather simple.  Some of them made no sense numerically (such as the one where every human was given a 1 and everything not a human got a 2) but I like that it makes BK think in ways other than JUST numbers.

We also used fraction tiles for the first time today.  Big Kid loved seeing what fractions matched up.  I have pictured the tiles below too.  They are quite neat.

Science is a lot more about nature.  We are reading One Small Square: Woods.  It is more geared toward fall but it is working just fine right now for spring time.   There are nature walks and leaf rubbings and sitting quietly observing the woods.  We also examined a spider I found today.  We aren’t completely sure what kind of spider it is (pictured below) but I *think* it is a juvenile dock spider/fishing spider.  We have a lot of adults around so it would make sense.  The adults get HUGE…the one in the picture was about 2.5 or 3 inches from leg to leg.

Reading was more from Tales from the Odyssey Part 2.  It is a great book and it seems like we are close to Odysseus coming home soon.  BK is very excited.

I am having BK read to LK every night as well.  One chapter a night from Matilda. When this is done I will pick another book for them to read that way.  It is great for him to be reading aloud and LK likes hearing the story as well.

For art/story telling I had BK draw a picture of the “Summer Monster” (pictured below).  He made up a huge story all about a monster that goes around the world and blows fire on pools to warm them up.

Little Kid has been working on her handwriting too.  She was writing an open/closed sign on her own and is doing quite a lot better at forming letters.  She did pretty well spelling it on her own as well.

Overall it was a good week and since it is already the end of Sunday we are getting ready to jump right back into it tomorrow morning!

photo (23)

photo (22)

photo (19)

photo (21)

photo (20)

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