Last Week

I don’t understand how the weeks (and then the weekends) go so fast!

Last week was pretty low key overall.

Math was more Life of Fred.  The only thing about Fred that wasn’t awesome this week is that the material talked about euthanizing dogs.  I knew it was coming though because I had seen it mentioned in a review somewhere online.  Given that I worked at an animal shelter in my life before kids, this was pretty simple for me to explain/deal with but I can see where it could be a big deal for those that aren’t expecting it.

We also did a bit more with fractions.  BK used the fraction tiles to figure out a few problems that I gave him.  It gave me a chance to practice my adding fraction skills too since he didn’t pick things I thought he would! I figured he would pick more straight-forward things but that just isn’t his style.  Pictured below is what he decided to include.

I DID finally chose a math program for Big Kid.  I got him Math-U-See.  Based on the table of contents and how he does with math currently I ordered him the Gamma level.  I am hoping that is the right one but we will see when it gest here!

Science was more about the woods!  We learned more about animals and elements in the woods.  We also learned about camouflage.  One of BK’s assignments was to take one of our old iPhones (with a broken but functional screen) and look for animals/bugs that were camouflaged.  He didn’t find anything living to take pictures of but he did take some good photos of what the woods look like (posted below).

History has been more about Ancient Greece.  We have talked about mythology a bit too which is fun.  We learned about Athens vs Sparta and thought it was interesting that since BK is about to turn 7 that if he lived in Sparta he would be sent to warrior training camp this summer.  He decided it would be better to stay at home with us instead.

Reading was more from Tales from the Odyssey.  It is a great book and the kids are both loving it.  I am quite pleased.  We finish that this week and move on to the next book.

photo (25)


photo (26)


photo (24)

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