Week 21 Build Your Library Complete!

Hello all! I am back!

This week flew by as usual! It goes even faster in the summer when we have good weather as we get a lot “PE” time outside.  A lot.

This week we started a new book for literature.  The new book is The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.  So far it is a good book, though it is very wordy.  I get lots of, “Mama what does XYZ mean?”  That is okay with me though as new vocabulary words are always exciting.

I am also having Big Kid read Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Little Kid in the evenings.  They both seem to like it so that is always good.

Science this week focused on a book called Flute’s Journey.  It was a very neat book about the lifecycle of a wood thrush.  It was a circular story that starts with the bird of Flute and ends with Flute’s own eggs being laid.  Great book.  I included a picture of his “story circle” though it wasn’t exactly a circle.

We also learned about frogs vs toads as I happened to find one of each in the pool.  We took a little time to compare them.  There is a picture below though the frog is hiding quite well on the label of the bucket.

In history we learned a lot about Alexander the Great.  He was a pretty neat guy and BK had some interested theories about how he died, since he just got weak then weaker and died.  His big theory was that Alexander exercised too much and wasn’t able to recover.  I found that rather amusing.  We have a documentary to watch tomorrow (when it gets here from Netflix, plus it is supposed to rain all day) all about him.

Last weekend BK and Dada used instructions and built a wooden car from Lowes.  He got it for a gift either at Christmas or his birthday, I can’t remember which. He found it in the basement last weekend so they put it together.  He was rather pleased.

There was a lot going on in math this week.  My goal was to focus on practicing adding and subtracting triple digit numbers with carrying and borrowing.  He can do it but practice was a good idea, before we step into Math U See Gamma which is starting multiplication.

There was one day this week that I didn’t set up any math for him at all and he ended up going to the playroom and counting the money in his piggy bank, even grouping the quarters into 4’s and counting each dollar.  It was great practice and I had to do nothing at all!

We also have still been using Singapore Standards, book 2A.  I bought it awhile ago so I figured if we have it we may as well use it!  He did a few pages today and found it pretty easy it seemed, so that is great.

In all I say it was a good week!  Quite a lot of learning was had by all and they seemed to enjoy it.

In related news, LK had her Kindergarten screening on Wednesday   She seemed to have a lot of fun so hopefully she enjoys it in the fall.

I have also been working on setting up a local secular co-op type situation here for the fall. It takes quite a bit of effort so far but I have gotten a great deal of response so far, so that is exciting.  Most of the kids are 5-7 which will be great since BK is turning 7 in a little more than a month.  It is taking a bit of organization and stepping out of my comfort zone but I think in the end it will be worth it, hopefully.

photo (1) photo

photo (2)

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