Week 22!

It is Sunday already.  Good grief.

History this week was learning about the very beginnings of Rome, including the myth of Romulus and Remus.  I had BK color a picture showing the twins with the wolf that raised them and he had a lot of fun doing that since it was also the same picture as the cover of Story of the World.  Last weekend we also watched the 2.5 hours of The True Story of Alexander the Great.  It was a very interesting movie and BK really liked it, so that was a bonus.  I also got a bag with a few gifts in it for Mother’s Day last weekend and BK immediately took it and make a Grecian helmet out of it and ran around the house declaring he was Alexander the Great.

For reading we are still reading Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.  The kids are paying really close attention to it and they find it very interesting.  In the book there are plants that smell like fresh baked bread and baked apples.  Based on that I got some of the flowers off one of the shrubs we have by the house because every year when they bloom it smells like watermelon to me, so I let the kids sniff and see what they thought, they agreed.

For science this week we continued the study of the woods that we had been working on. We also briefly watched a webcam put up by the local news that showed a robin in her nest with her pretty blue eggs.  It ended poorly for the eggs though when a cat found the nest. Honestly it was a pretty light week in the science department but next week is a bit more intense with an awesome project planned.

In math we worked on more Singapore 2A.  I also took the time to really look over Math-U-See and decided that it didn’t look like something that would work for BK so I boxed it up and returned it.  The videos were rather drab and longer than I cared for them to be plus the workbook was super boring in my opinion.  Singapore might not be quite as in depth but there are fun games and interesting things to do plus some nice colors.  It is much more engaging as far as I am concerned.  So for now, we are sticking with Singapore, though I do need to get the next set of Fred books too since those are fun as well.

The other thing we added into the daily lessons starting last week was this book, Daily Language Review.  It has short little lessons in practicing things like capital letters at the start of sentences, whether to use a period or a question mark, and capitals for names etc.  It is pretty neat and it also works as handwriting practice since a lot of the lessons include at least one “write the sentence properly” assignment.

In all it was a good week!  It is hard to believe that we are already finished with week 22 from Build Your Library!

photo (5)

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