Owl Week!

This week was a bit more of the normal stuff.

Math was Singapore.  BK really seems to like the workbook and I feel like it is pretty complete so we keep doing it!

History was a bit more about Rome, though not a ton.  I feel like last week was a bit lacking in history (compared to normal) but not a big deal.  We learned about gladiators in particular, so that was fun.

We are still doing the daily language review workbook and BK does great with it, better than I thought he would.

In reading we are finishing up The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles.  It is a great book and we can’t wait to see how it ends.  There is a LOT of imagery in it which is great, it really uses the imagination.

The big excitement in school this week was learning about owl pellets! We knew how the pellets were formed because we read about it when we read Poppy, but we hadn’t gotten to taken one apart yet.  We found LOTS of leg bones and a couple of skulls.  It was really neat to go through the three pellets we had purchased.  We also learned that they smell kind of yucky.  We are pretty sure we had 1 mole and 2 voles though it can be a bit hard to identify which skulls belong to which animal, even with the guides that came with the kit. Of course it didn’t matter a WHOLE lot since it was more about experiencing it for the first time.  We may revisit this when they are bigger and can put all the bones in the proper spots and “make” the animal.

Also, in science, we learned that we have rhubarb growing next to the house.  We never planted it so it was exciting to find.  Given BK’s interest in gardening, he found it very interesting and read up about rhubarb in The Backyard Homestead.

It was a good week and they had quite a lot of fun!

photo (7)


photo (6)

photo (8)

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