A Mellow Week

Last week we were SO excited to read Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles that we had to finish the last 70 pages all in one day! My throat was rather sore from reading all those pages aloud to the kids but it was worth it, such a great book.

This meant that for the rest of the week we didn’t have anymore reading to do.

We also didn’t have any official science to do because when we skipped One Small Square Woods and skipped ahead to Tarantula in my Purse there was still a week gap between the end of Woods and the start of One Small Square Pond, so we were light on science last week too.

In history we learned about Pompeii using this book.  Big Kid really liked that book and he learned a lot.  I also gave him You Wouldn’t Want to Live in Pompeii  to read, though I didn’t require it, he really wanted to.  I found him asleep at bedtime with it having fallen on his face.  He read it several times.

We opted out of math last week.  I had really intended it to be a week off but BK came down the stairs Monday AM and asked what was for school, so we cover material anyway!

We also learned about mosaic tile art in Ancient Roman Art so the kids both wanted to make their own mosaics, of course.  I went and got construction paper because we had managed to run out.  They had a lot of fun drawing their pictures then glueing the cut out squares into the pictures (pictured below).

We also learned a bit more about spiders, in particular the jumping spider, pictured below.  We have a LOT of jumping spiders around and even I, the serious aracnaphobe, rather enjoy jumping spiders since they come in such neat colors.  We have done more spider related activities this weekend too but those will be covered in next week’s post!

photo (1)


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