So last week I posted that I was going to do a post about the lunches that we eat here and today is the day!

I wanted to do this post because as homeschool parents we are completely responsible for three meals a day (plus snacks if you are a snacking house) every day for our kids.  Some public school parents are responsible for that too, but not all of them.

We also live in the age of organic everything and where people can be shamed for feeding their children fast food (there is some included in this week’s post!).  I feel like it is important to use moderation without forbidden foods for kids and so far it has worked well here.  I always try to include fruit with lunch and we always have a veggie with dinner.

So, here are the lunches that the kids got for the last week!



Wednesday: scrambled eggs, pepperidge farm crackers, fresh watermelon, and a strawberry yogurt.



Thursday: baby spinach with a little Italian dressing, string cheese, whole wheat dinner roll, peach yogurt, oranges, and cashews.



Friday: McDs small fries, 6 piece nuggets, fresh watermelon, and a strawberry yogurt.



Saturday: peach yogurt, whole wheat roll, string cheese, and applesauce.  This was a little less than normal because one of them had a whole orange and the other had a banana about an hour before lunch.  Normally we don’t do snacks which is why lunches tend to be so large.



Sunday: sausage (with a small bit of real maple syrup), sweet potato tortilla chips, peach yogurt, and a peppermint luna bar.  My husband instituted Sunday as “Sunday Sausage Day” about a year ago so we always have that on Sundays.



Monday: 1.5 hot dogs (3 leftovers from the weekend), baby carrots, whole wheat roll, blueberry yogurt, and a slice of birthday cake left over from the kids’ party on Sunday afternoon.



Tuesday (today!): whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, peach yogurt, cashews, and a golden delicious apple.

As you can see, I don’t agonize over what to feed the kids. I typically pick things that are quick to make/put together as lunch usually sneaks up on me and I try to keep some sort of balance about it. So there you have it, what a week of lunches look like at our house! It varies quite a bit from week to week and usually involves leftovers of some sort, generally pizza, but we haven’t had pizza for dinner in over a week now (ending tonight!) so that wasn’t included this week.

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