What to do for Summer?

In my original plans I had expected to continue on with the Build Your Library curriculum year-round however now that summer is actually here/approaching I think I might change things up a little bit for the season.

I still ADORE BYL but I also know that summer is a busy time filled with field trips, summer camps, and trips to the beach.  I was thinking it might be nice to have some other option available for summer for that reason.  Reading Nim’s Island is going to be great…but if we start it one week then have a week off for summer camp and 2 days off for a family gathering that means we will have gone 9 days between chapters.  While my kids do remember things pretty well, I also know they don’t always remember specifics and 9 days might be a bit much for some of the more intense literature (like The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles).

I can easily continue to do math every day that we are “able” to do school.  That is a simple task and doesn’t require a whole lot in terms of following strict regularity, especially not over the summer.  It is easy enough to have BK read books during rest time every day as well, and aloud to LK before bed.

Beyond that I was thinking of perhaps using the unit study from Moving Beyond the Page that we still have.  We used the first part “community” when we first started homecshooling back in October and it was okay, just not awesome or anything.  We only completed one section out of three in the book so we have more we can use. I think it would be something we could easily start and stop as we like.

I think that might be in the plans starting soon, maybe once we are done Pooh, which is next week.  The week after that is Big Kid’s first round of summer camp.

What is it that YOU do for summer time?  Do you keep up business as usual or change things up a bit?

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