A Mash Up Week

Last week was a bit of a mix of strange activities.  There was nearly nothing for history so we didn’t cover a lot in that, just a bit more about Roman wars.

For art we read a bit more about  ancient Roman art from our art book.  We also colored a newspaper clipping because our town is turning 250 years old so there was a coloring contest that both kids wanted to enter.  Little Kid had a lot of fun with it and Big Kid HAD to participate too since he heard you might win something if your coloring was good enough.

In science we learned more about pond life, in particular about photosynthesis.  Below is a picture of BK’s definition (out of our giant kid dictionary) and a picture of a plant that uses photosynthesis (a cattail).

BK also started a “field journal” for our new “pet”.  Long time readers will remember “Treadmill” the giant fishing spider that BK had for awhile but it died due to improper habitat and the fact that BK wouldn’t drain some of the water out of the container that it lived in. BK was completely heartbroken that the spider died.  So after that happened I got a plastic proper habitat complete with a vented lid etc and told him once we found a fishing spider that was small and probably born this year we could capture it and try again…so last week we found one on Dada’s car and now he lives on BK’s desk.  We catch it bugs and give it water etc.  It is still pretty small but they can grow pretty big.  I think I will have to get it crickets this winter though since we won’t have any other way to feed it (assuming it lives that long!).

For reading we hit our first complete dud in the Build Your Library curriculum, The House at Pooh Corner.  I find it super boring as do the kids.  Reading it is also a huge chore because the author capitalizes the strangest words wherever it is seen fit.  I am told that is just one of the ways Milne write but it annoys me to no end, especially when I am reading aloud.  We are supposed to finish the book this week but I think we will just avoid it all together and I will read them history during lunch instead.

Also slightly related to reading, I ordered BK his first batch of Goosebumps books.  They were my FAVORITE books ever when I was young so I wanted him to be able to read them too (and eventually LK too).  On a similar note, I finally set up a bigger bookshelf in the kitchen to keep our homeschooling books on.  This means there is now a bookshelf in the living room with all my books, a shelf in the playroom with LK/BK books, a shelf in BK’s room with all the chapter books on it, and then my new shelf in the kitchen with school books.  There is plenty of room on all the shelves now too so we can keep getting more books!  Very exciting.

Math was more Singapore Standards.  BK really seems to like that program and I like the variety that it gives him in terms of how problems are presented.  I think they do a good job of making it engaging vs just boring.  Pictured below is one of the assignments he had last week.  I found it amusing because he figured out quite quickly that the letter that goes to the animal (with the number) was the letter the animal started with, e for elephant for example.  Once he figured that out he opted to just skip the doing the math part and write the answers with the proper letter.  I could have made him do it properly but I figured it was a great example of thinking outside the box and finding different ways to solve problems.

In all it was a good week, a busy one, but good!  We had some pretty yucky weather but it let us get little projects done like the bookshelves, etc.

photo (6)

photo (9)

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (7)

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