Last Week (and This Week!)

I am discovering that summer time means we don’t buckle down quite as hard as we do during the normal school year.  Overall I think this is probably a good thing as we can always use a bit of a break.

Last week we did a couple of days of math with the Singapore workbook.  It went well and there has been a LOT of practice with subtraction including some heavy duty borrowing.  Big Kid seems to be doing just fine with it so that is great.

Science has mostly consisted of watching the new spider, Treadmill.  He is a big hit with the kids and it is growing FAST.  He eats quite a lot too so that is always exciting for the kids.  We also learned a bit more about ponds with our pond book.  I had meant to take the kids to a pond locally to show them what they have learned via books in real life, but the weather and the rest of the plan didn’t cooperate together so it will have to wait until next week.

We read a lot of history last week too.  We covered part of ancient China and started talking about Julius Caesar.  We also found out that the TV show Horrible Histories is on netflix instantwatch so we watched a couple of episodes of that.  The kids both found it very interesting and seemed to learn quite a bit.

The other big thing we did last week was that I gave BK the California Achievement Test for grade 1.  He seemed to do really well so we will see where he places.  In all it doesn’t matter at all and there was no pressure applied at all.  I mostly just wanted to let him know what standardized tests were like, especially since it is likely that he will eventually re-enter the public school system so I know he will see standardized tests in relation to learning, even if it is just the SATs.

The big thing this week is week #1 of summer camp.  Both kids are in this week so they are coming home tired but happy.  It is just a basic camp where they play games, do crafts, and go swimming, nothing too crazy but they are enjoying it and getting to hang out all day.  I get to have a little down time too which is exciting!

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