June 24-28

I am finding blogging to be hard this summer!  Not only is it super busy but we aren’t following a super strict schedule and have pretty much no structure.  Camp comes and goes depending on the week and summer time means all sorts of play dates and activities to do.  This is a good thing of course, for everything except the blog!

Most days we started with math, as we usually do.  We have the next set of Life of Fred books and we have been alternating that with Singapore.  Friday was Big Kid’s birthday, he turned 7! I saw a “puzzle” in Sinagpore that was going to spell “Happy Birthday” so I saved that math for Friday.  That was the only work we did on his birthday but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use such a timely piece of work.

Science has been whatever we find during day to day life.  BK is still really into spiders.  We found a grass spider in the pool that was carrying her newly hatched spiderlings on her back.  The kids thought this was really neat and found it interesting in comparison to Treadmill, the orb weaver.  She has made an egg sac near her web and is guarding it carefully.

We also found a strange new caterpillar that we hadn’t ever seen before so we looked it over and learned about it.  We also learned that the plant that grows all over our pool fence is a Virginia Creeper, which was one of the caterpillar’s host plants.  I had wondered what it was for years but never gone through the trouble of looking it up.

We also got BK’s CAT scores back (pictured below).  I daresay things are going well for him at home so we will keep on trucking!  It was more for practice than anything else but it is good to know that where I thought he was really is where he is, at least as far as that test can measure.

This coming week is another busy week with three days of camp and then 4th of July festivities.  It will be fun, just scattered!

photo (12)


photo (13)


photo (14)


photo (15)

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