The Weeks of July 1st and 8th

Last week was a busy week!  Almost nothing directly school related happened but it was a lot of running around. Big Kid had Minecraft camp for three days last week.  Then after that it was 4th of July festivities.

This week we are taking off as we have visitors coming around (including my cousin from Thailand today!) and we are super busy, again!

I hope to get back into the school swing next week as we have a couple of weeks before the next week of camp.  We will see what happens.

The one thing that kept BK entertained and was a longer term project was his “pet” spider Treadmill.  Below is a picture of his journal about the spider.  Yesterday a bunch of eggs from the egg sac hatched and I convinced him that it would be good to let Treadmill and her babies go back out into the world so they could catch mosquitoes for us (they are AWFUL right now).  I can’t be sure we won’t end up with another spider friend at some point but for now I get a break from having to catch food for the spider. Yay!

photo (16)

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