Easing Back into Things!

Last week (15th-19th) was a week of easing into things after a bit of a crazy couple of weeks.  Next week is another busy week as BK has another summer camp set up from 9-3 every day!  I am betting he comes home tired from that one so it should be fun.

Last week BK did Singapore and Life of Fred (Edgewood) for math, alternating days so that way he doesn’t get too bored of either of them.  Switching back and forth is beneficial I think and he seems to like the variety.

He also started back up with the Daily Language Lessons for 1st grade.  I know technically he is in 2nd grade now but I wanted to make sure he has the basics down before we move on to the bigger stuff.

Last week we also started a Moving Beyond the Page language arts unit on Tornado. We only did the basics with it last week.  We reviewed setting/plot/characters as story elements and then talked about how this story happens on a farm.  We discussed what farm life is like etc.  The book itself is WAY below BK’s reading level but I think the unit will help a lot with his reading comprehension, the one area he is a bit “weak” in.

It was SUPER hot here last week, over 90 for 5 days in a row, which doesn’t really happen here.  As a result a lot of time was spend inside hiding from the heat.  There WAS a lot of swimming outside but BK also focused on making things on his snap circuit set.  Pictured below is one of the things he made.

Overall it was a good week that didn’t have TOO much work in it but still covered at least a few things!


photo (17)

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