Summer Time and the Living’s….BUSY!

I haven’t written since the 23rd of July! Good grief.

It seems like the weeks have gone by really fast, and I suppose they have! Part of it of course because it is summer, another part of it is because we have been quite busy!

The big event we went to over the last couple of weeks was the Balloon Glow at Shelburne Museum.  It was a really neat experience and the kids got to learn about how hot air balloons work, and what the balloons feel like, etc.  Not to mention it was *pretty*!

Big Kid had a week of soccer camp from the 29th-2nd and had a blast.  He spent ALL day running around outside with other kids and while he was TIRED at the end of the day, it was a good experience for him.

Last week was BEAUTIFUL weather so I skipped all school and we spent a huge amount of time outside.  We got a foster dog so the kids have been playing with him quite a lot and the best place for rough housing with a dog is outside!

This week has been more wonderful weather and another week of “vacation”.  This week Dada is also home so we have been spending time with him and all of us have been relaxing a bit.

Little Kid starts K on the 27th, so less than 2 weeks away! I can’t believe how fast it has come.  I am half hoping she loves it and half hoping she doesn’t!  I want her home with us but I also know that she might prefer school to homeschool.  I won’t force her to do one or the other but I do really hope that she wants to have school here for 1st grade!

So that is what is going on here! I am hoping to get back to something resembling regular next week but I can’t be sure that will happen!  We will see!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 5.32.49 PM

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