Last week we started every day with math.  We have been working with Life of Fred Edgewood (just finished chapter 9!) and Singapore Standards 2A.  This week there was some refreshing on addition and we started measuring length with Singapore, with both metric and imperial measurements.  We learned that a meter and a yard are very similar though not quite exactly the same.  I am very happy that they are teaching metric so young because that is what most of the world uses and it is much easier overall.

We have been working on our Moving Beyond the Page literature study as well.  I could never use this particular curriculum full time and there is a HUGE amount of writing (Big Kid’s least favorite thing about school) but it is nice for side projects and such.  I picked this route because it is working on his reading comprehension, which I find very important, and he isn’t quite as strong with.  He has been able to read for so long that he can sometimes just read the words without fully absorbing what they are saying so this unit has been nice to teach him how to really *read*.

One of the fun parts of the unit from this week was our first real internet research.  We read myths about how turtles got their shells and then, as part of science and part of the literature unit, we researched about turtles.  I got to teach BK all about the right words to use to search for things on google and we started working on how to recognize which links to click on etc.  Pictured below is the paper we filled out with the results of our research.

It was also a nice week again so the kids got tons of swimming and outside time logged in, which is awesome.

Also, for Little Kid, I found a website that works on reading, readingeggs.com.  I signed her up for it and she LOVES it.  She is playing games and learning to read in the process, without really realizing it.  She is starting to read words like “socks” and “rock” etc and it is firming up her sight words as well.  She has really taken to the computer games because it doesn’t feel like reading to her, it just feels like playing.

In all, I would say it has been a great week!


photo (18)

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