Back to Build Your Library!

I have missed using Build Your Library over the summer!  It is nice to be back to using good literature and having more flexibility and more options than Moving Beyond the Page offers.

This week there wasn’t any history since we accidentally read all that we were supposed to awhile ago.  Oopsie.  Not a big deal in the grand scheme though!

Math was more Singapore and Life of Fred.  I like both of them quite a lot still as does Big Kid.  I am toying with the idea of focusing this coming week on basic addition facts.  I know BK is only 7 but it drives me nuts that he still counts on his fingers/in his head when given something simple like  4 + 5.  I don’t let him know that it bugs me, and he does the work just fine, he just doesn’t have the instant recall that I am sure practice will bring.  We will see what happens!

Science this week was all about ponds.  We had to reread part of One Small Square: Pond since BK forgot parts of it since we read it last, way back in the beginning of the summer.  One of the days we read about the bottom of ponds and then I had BK draw a picture of what the bottom of a pond might look like, based on the book (pictured below).

We also watched more of Beakman’s World for science.  I had BK draw how a car “works” based on what he heard on that show, since he seemed to cling to that particular part of that episode.  I really want to get him Bill Nye the Science Guy too so hopefully I can locate that before too long.

For literature we started Nim’s Island! It is a great story so far and BK finds it hilarious that we are reading emails aloud since Nim and Alex correspond via email.  To add in handwriting etc I wrote down some of the vocabulary words and had BK look them up in the dictionary.  It is great to have him practice looking words up that way and it is also good to have him learn new words.  Build Your Library has the words and definitions right in the PDF but part of the whole exercise for us was looking things up in the dictionary.

Little Kid is still doing well in school and it is interesting to see how completely different she is compared to BK.  She is more than happy to tell me what happened at school.  She isn’t EXHAUSTED  when she gets off the bus like he was.  She has mentioned making a few friends (though what that means at this point I am not sure!).  It seems like she is really enjoying herself.

photo (1)



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