Last week was a good one!

Monday BK went to the local library and picked out 17 different books!  He picked all sorts of books about volcanoes, the ocean, and all sorts of other things.  They all work nicely with our reading in Nim’s Island, which has been a very good book.  It is a movie as well so I was considering getting it from Netflix so BK and I could watch it when we are done with the book.

For history we read this book about Cleopatra.  It was a pretty good book and Big Kid seemed to like it quite a lot.  Below is a drawing that he did showing where boats etc were during a battle that happened in the book.

In math we worked a little bit on Life of Fred and we worked on Khan Academy again for a little bit.  I really want to reinforce basic addition/subtraction facts with BK so I got these flash cards.  I like them because they are the triangle method which is how Sinagpore presents these things.  Little Kid was using them too and likes them a lot.  She doesn’t quite “get” them yet but when I read  her what the card is asking (vs her just looking at it) she can get a few of them right.

We also had our first homeschool co-op meeting here this week.  It seems to have gone well, which is excellent.  I was super nervous as I am *not* a people person and I was the first teacher but the lesson on clouds that I taught seemed to go over well.  We read this book, and then did this experiment where we made a cloud in a jar.  Then we used cotton balls to make clouds on pieces of blue paper.  After all that was done the kids all ran around and played together so that was great for all involved.

BK also made a cat puppet.  I don’t quite know why, he just wanted to, so I told him to go for it.

The last thing we did was start working on learning cursive.  I wasn’t sure about teaching this since it isn’t ever really used at ALL anymore.  One reason I had heard to teach it is so that kids can read old documents etc but BK can read cursive anyway, he just hasn’t tried to write with it before.  I decided we would give it a go to see if it helps his handwriting at all.  It won’t hurt anything and we are using Handwriting Without Tears so it isn’t exactly labor intensive either.  We will see where it goes!

photo (4)


photo (5)


photo (3)

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