Finished with Nim and Other Adventures

This last week went super fast.  Even faster than usual.  I am betting it gets even crazier this coming week with all the activities we will have going on!

For history we did nothing this week.  This is the *only* fault I have found with Build Your Library is that it includes a week of information about Christianity, which would be fine, except that it uses the Story of the World version which presents the story of the virgin birth, the story of the crucifixion, and the story of Jesus rising from the dead as FACT rather than myth/fiction.  For this reason we completely skipped history this week as we are *not* a religious household and I don’t want these Christian myths to be any more “real” to our kids than the myths of Odin or Zeus (both of which are more interesting anyway if you ask me!).

Math this week was a bunch of random stuff.  We worked with our new triangle flashcards, which are awesome.  They are great for addition/subtraction facts.  BK worked on a little Khan Academy and he also did a bit on Time4Learning, which I signed up for again to see if it will hold his interest better and if we can fit it in more as a supplement since BK really likes to play on the computer and while Minecraft is fine I would rather he not spend more than a little bit playing that.

We have continued our work on Cursive, in Daily Language Lessons and overall handwriting.

Science this week was about James Audubon.  BK really seemed to like the story.  Once we had finished the book I had BK draw a picture of some birds.  He is far from the artistic skills of Mr Audubon was but he is progressing I think!

In reading we finished Nim’s Island and then we watched the movie as well.  Both kids LOVED the movie so that was awesome.  It was done pretty well overall and BK noticed the areas where the book and the movie were different without my prompting.  It is awesome to see how he is really paying attention to the story now.

BK also went on an adventure with my inlaws and his Dada.  I stayed home since someone had to get LK off the bus when school was done.  BK and company went to a local fort and explored all sorts of things there and went on a nice hike that overlooks our valley.  They saw a snake, some frogs, and a porcupine climbing a tree! We didn’t even know porcupines climbed trees!  He had a lot of fun on the adventure and it was nice to get a little bit of time to myself too.  I could have done anything that day but ended up taking the chance to clean without small people underfoot all day, it was lovely.

The weather on Friday was beautiful so BK rode his bike while I walked and we went down to the beach for a bit so he could play in the sand and water.  The water was CHILLY but he had fun stomping around in it anyway!

photo (6)




photo (7)

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