Lots of Extras!

This week was our first week in full extracurricular mode.  On Monday Big Kid attended the first drawing class of an 8 week series through the parks and recreation department.  Tuesday we had another homeschool group here (all about APPLES!).  Wednesday was the first of an 8 week acting class.  Thursday we went grocery shopping.  Then Friday a friend came to visit for a little bit! It was a busy week.  It is so nice to be able to get these extras for him though.  If he were in public school he never would have such a wide range of extras that he would be able to do.

For literature this week we started Thieves of Ostia.  It has been awesome so far with lots of action and “meeting” lots of kids.  There was a wonderful lesson of thinking about others as the main character gets birthday money that she was going to spend on a scroll with a story but instead she saw a very sad slave girl that was about her age up for auction and she didn’t want this young girl to be someone’s wife, so she used her birthday money to purchase the slave so that she could have a good life.

For science we started One Beetle Too Many which is about Charles Darwin.  I am learning a lot from this book too, like how Darwin was trained to work in the clergy after failing at being a doctor since he didn’t handle the operation room very well.  I think we are going to like this book.  I have BK read this one aloud to me because it has a lot of big words so I can correct him as needed.  He does pretty well overall though, so that is awesome.

We have continued our work on cursive, Wonder Stories, and Daily Language Lessons.  All of those things happen every day.  The deal is if they are all done with good handwriting that he won’t get questions to answer for Ostia, this seems to motivate him enough to do well.

Math this week has been mostly from Time4Learning.  It isn’t the most awesome site on the planet but it works and he enjoys it.  He worked on fractions and basic number facts to reinforce it all.  He is getting a little faster with basic addition facts so that is good.  He can always come up with the answer just sometimes he has to think WAY too long about it so drilling is helpful as long as we don’t over do it.

In all it was a good week! BUSY but we had fun.

photo (8)


photo (9)


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