All Done with Ostia!

For reading this week we finished up with Ostia.  I somehow got behind (I wasn’t paying attention to the curriculum apparently) so I ended up reading 4 chapters instead of just two on Thursday.  It was a long bit of reading but the book held both mine and BK’s attention, so that was awesome.  Great book overall.  As with the others there is some gruesome stuff (dog heads being cut off) but that happens sometimes in books, no big deal for us.

Science this week was more from One Beetle Too Many.  I have been making BK read at least one page aloud from this to me.  The first time I had him do it get got a little annoyed because there are some BIG, difficult words in that book so I made sure to tell him that I KNOW it is hard and that is why I am having him read it aloud to me, so I can correct the words as needed for him, plus it continues to work on his phonics skills since he is so far ahead in reading anyway.  It is good for him to be “challenged” a bit.  I remind him, as needed, that I know it is hard, but to keep pushing through and I will help when he needs it.  I had him draw me a picture of one thing that happened in his reading this week so he drew a picture of a spider fighting with a wasp (pictured below.

For math he has done a combination of Life of Fred (we are all the way to Farming now) and Time4Learning.  He did do one exercise from Singapore too but not much since they are working on multiplication.  He can do it, but I want his adding skills to be a bit more solid first with double and triple digits.

We have continued our work on cursive and he is doing really well with it.  His handwriting, so far, is much easier to read in cursive than in print.  I am told this can be pretty common for some kids so it is interesting to see it happening for him too.  I am not sure if it is because I am there for every second of it helping guide him with how to write it, or if it just flows better for him…but whatever it is, I am glad he is doing well with it.

History this week was about Celtic life.  It was pretty minimal though.  We are nearing the end of the “ancients” text so I am not surprised that things are winding down.  There are only 2 weeks left in the “1st grade” curriculum that we are using so things are starting to come to an end.

It is the height of foliage season here and we had a beautiful week weather-wise so I also took BK to a local historical landmark with a big tower.  It required a bit of a hike to get there and them up several floors of stairs to look out and see the whole of this part of our valley.  He had a great time and enjoyed getting a little energy out during the hike.

The other thing we have added into our daily routine, that isn’t technically school, is to watch Jeopardy.  I record a day of it and then we watch it the next evening before bedtime.  They really enjoy it and find it AWESOME when I answer the questions correctly (not as often as I would like!).  I think it is also good for BK to get bits and pieces of random trivia in his head.  He absorbs an awful lot so just listening to it all is good for him.

After all of THAT both kids also went with my mom and her husband for the weekend where they hiked a gorge, saw some more foliage, and learned about how glass is blown…though I am told BK was MUCH more interested in the hydropower that the business uses.

photo (11)


photo (12)

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