Handwriting, Cursive, and Math. Oh My!

This week FLEW by.  I am still having a hard time grasping that it is Friday night.  Part of it was that Dada was home half of the week so there was more to do overall.  The other part I am not sure about!

This week we started reading Baby.  It is a great book and very well done but the subject material is very difficult for me to read aloud.  I am generally pretty hard to rattle when it comes to sad books/movies etc but with this book all bets are off.  The basic idea is that a baby is left on the doorstep of a family where a baby boy had died only 6 months before.  It is told through the eyes of a young girl and talks about how she deals with not only the new baby left but also how she deals with the death of her baby brother.  I think a lot of how sad it is is lost on BK, but certainly not on myself!

We have restarted spelling words, based on our reading, this week too.  It was good to have that added back in.  I wrote the words on our white board, I had BK practice them daily, I had him write them on a piece of paper, and then I had him look them up in the dictionary and write down the meanings.  It is a good way to teach him new words both in terms of spelling and vocabulary.

For science this week we worked more with One Beetle Too Many, it is an interesting book and even I am learning quite a bit about Darwin.  I am still having BK read it aloud to me so I can see how his pronunciations are coming along.  He is generally annoyed with that bit but he is dealing with it well enough.  We also worked on learning to draw leaves and one that BK drew is pictured below.

We started this week’s math working on Life of Fred and while it is going well enough I feel like BK still doesn’t have a solid enough recall on basic addition facts, at least not as solid as I would like it to be before we move on to multiplication. For that reason I have purchased Mammoth Math which is a mastery program and while he doesn’t find it as exciting as Singapore and LoF, I can already tell it is going to help him really excel and be ready to move on when it is time.  We do bounce around a lot with math curriculum but it is one of those things where finding just the right fit is super important, especially with the basics that kids need to have down really well before moving on to the tougher stuff.

Handwriting is proving to be an interesting event here.  We have continued with our Daily Language Lessons book and he is learning a lot about basic punctuation etc but his handwriting just isn’t progressing at all.  I have tried lined pieces of paper and all sorts of other things but it just isn’t awesome.  It is legible, mostly, just not that great.

We have also kept going with cursive and oddly enough his cursive is quite good, much more legible overall than his print.  I didn’t really expect that but I am going to post pictures of both to prove my point.  The cursive isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good for someone that is just learning.

There hasn’t been a ton of art in these last few weeks of grade one so I added in a drawing book about how to draw 101 animals.  Today BK picked learning to draw a cat and I have posted that picture below as well!

photo (14)


photo (15)


photo (16)


photo (13)

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