ONE YEAR! (plus a short week)

Last week was a big deal for many reasons.  The first is that we finished our 1st grade curriculum from Build Your Library.  It was excellent and FULL of amazing books, just what I wanted for Big Kid.  The second big thing is that it was a short week since BK and Little Kid were both sick and LK had Friday off for school inservice, so we haven’t got a ton to report about the work last week.  The third thing, the BIGGEST thing, is that we have completed ONE YEAR of homeschooling.  Last year I pulled BK from first grade on the 19th…that has come and gone and we have hit the one year mark.  I find that pretty outstanding given not only how much him and I have both learned through the year, but how amazingly fast it seemed to have gone!  I had no idea if we would make it this far when I started last October so I am excited that we are still going strong and BK decided he wanted to do 2nd grade here too.

As for the actual work we did this week, we finished Baby, which I ended up reading to him all on Tuesday.  It was supposed to go through Friday but turns out once we hit a point in the book we REALLY wanted to know how it ended so I just kept reading!  It was a great book that I highly recommend as long as you have kleenex handy, it was very emotional.  It didn’t seem to bother BK much that way but as a parent it was very hard (but good) material.

Math was more Math Mammoth which BK seems to like a lot.  I feel like it is really helping him master the material which he wasn’t getting as much from Singapore.  Singapore is a good program I just feel like it isn’t as focused on mastery, which is fine for some kids, probably for kids like LK, but BK is more language oriented rather than math.

For science we finished up One Beetle Too Many and learned that some people didn’t (and still don’t) accept natural selection/evolution for religious reasons.  We also talked about how some people still accept evolution even though they are religious because they think their god created the process of evolution.  I think a lot of the theological stuff was over BK’s head but it is good to at least introduce him to the ideas.

That was pretty much it!  Tomorrow we start 2nd grade, the Middle Ages!  Castles and vikings, an knights, oh my!


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