First Week of “Second Grade”!

This last week was great.  It was awesome to dive into the start of the second grade curriculum from Build Your Library.   It was also a busy week of extras for BK as well.

In math we kept working on Math Mammoth, which is awesome.  They are teaching adding and subtracting with 10’s blocks which isn’t something Singapore did.  BK finds this much easier and enjoys it a lot more.  We also reviewed time, which he has mastered since Kindergarten.

For science we worked on learning about space.  One assignment was to take a piece of paper then draw or write what you thought of when you heard the word space.  The drawing is posted below.  He then had to read about what space was in his DK First Space Encyclopedia.  We also covered what the atmosphere was and what the different layers were.

We started reading Trumpet of the Swan this week and will be reading it for a few weeks.  So far BK seems to really like it and I like that it doesn’t require Kleenex to read, so it is a win all around!

We also have a slightly more involved art section in second grade so that is neat too.  We read about what art is and a little bit about a lot of artists.  The first one mentioned was Van Gogh.  Big Kid really liked his work but then asked if I had ever met him before (HA!) so I explained that he was dead.  Then in true fashion (I should know better) BK asked how he died.  This lead to a small discussion about suicide, always fun to talk about with a seven year old when you need to choose your words very carefully.  This wouldn’t be an issue for normal homes I am sure, just ours!

In history we covered the fall of Rome.  We also watched The Dark Ages which was an interesting documentary but not ENTIRELY appropriate for most homes with little kids, IMO.  It was fine here but I am going to guess it wouldn’t be well received in some homes.  History, particularly this section of history, is a challenge for me because I feel like I need to do a lot of fact checking.  A lot of influence in this era came from the church so there is a LOT of talk about Christianity, usually in a positive light.  This may be true in some ways but I also know that Christians of the time period weren’t all flowers and sunshine either.  I will have to wade carefully though this section of history for that reason.

We have kept up work on cursive as well, which BK is doing REALLY well with.  He has been practicing even on the magna-doodle!

For extras this week BK had acting which he is still enjoying. He also had drawing class.  Below is a picture of trees that he made in class, pretty good compared to a LOT of his past drawing.  The last thing he had was a workshop to build a LEGO firetruck.  That is posted below as well.  He REALLY enjoyed that and if it is offered again we will do it again.  We also had pumpkin carving day Wednesday night so it has been a BUSY week of extras!

In all I would say it was a good week!

photo 1


photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)

photo 5


photo 2

photo 3

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