Last week we kept up work on The Trumpet of the Swan.  Big Kid finds many parts of this book hilarious.  It doesn’t speak to me quite the same way it does for him but what matters is that he likes it, not that I like it.

We also kept up work on Math Mammoth.  That was a very good purchase for BK.  It suits him so well and he is really starting to “get” math in a way that he hadn’t before.  He doesn’t whine about completing his math either, so that is an awesome little “side effect” of the new program.

In history we learned a bit about the Celts and the “barbarians” as well as several myths including Beowulf.  We watched a documentary about Beowulf which BK really enjoyed.  We also read a myth about him, I waited until Little Kid was home from school so she could hear it too, they both loved it.  BK read part of it aloud for me so I could hear how well his reading is coming.  I found it interesting that we are learning about Beowulf in second grade only because I had never even heard of it until I got to 10th grade where we tried to read it in Middle English (rather than the original Old English).

We also did our first day of NaNoWriMo for BK on Friday since it was the 1st of November.  BK is excited that I am not making him do handwriting or daily language lessons as long as he is writing on his book.  When he does rest time I send him with a piece of paper and a pencil then he brings it down after rest time and I type it up for him.  So far he is doing well, we will see what the rest of the month brings!  I will post whatever he writes at the end of November, remind me if I forget!

For science we are still working on space.  We learned about radio telescopes and a few other little things related to them.  We were supposed to make a telescope but sadly I didn’t look ahead and didn’t have the supplies needed when it was time for it.  So far science doesn’t seem as “in depth” as it was in the first grade curriculum but it might just be because we are just getting into it…we will see how it goes!

Big Kid also did a bit of Time4Learning in during the week as well.  He does enjoy T4L and it is nice that he is doing something OTHER than just Minecraft on the computer.  Minecraft is great and all but variety is important!

Extras this week were the last drawing class, acting, a Halloween party in Little Kid’s class, and then trick or treating!  Little Kid was a shark and Big Kid was a pirate.  They had a lot of fun and enjoyed the holiday!

In all it was another good week, it just went by VERY quickly!

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 8.20.25 PM(picture stolen/borrowed from


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