This is the book that my 7 year old wrote during National Novel Writing month.  We watch a lot of nature-type documentaries and he really likes cats…hence the numerous matings referenced in the book.  I also think he wasn’t quite sure how to introduce new characters so he just had the other characters create them.  He illustrated the book as well, one of the pictures can be found at the end.  He wrote the whole thing himself and I typed it up, word for word, spelling for spelling, for him.  By the end, including illustrations, he had written 20 pages.

The title of the book is: Orlean and Cloudy

Chapter One

The Lady

 Once upon a time there was a lady who had a cat.  One day she was sleeping and she heard a noise.  “Why is there a noise at 8:01 in the morning?”  Orlean asked herself.  Just then she heard a, “Boo!”.  She shivered.  She saw her copy machine.  Orlean did not know her copy machine could walk.  She was  unaware it was haunted.

 One day Orlean went out to get a cat named Bolt. One year later Bolt mated with Trigger and made a liter of kittens.  Orlean was happy about this.  She liked cats.  Orlean named one of them Ben and the other one Tiger.

 One day Orlean went to the store and when she came back she saw Bolt, Ben, and Tiger chewing on paper.  “That’s weird,” Orlean said, “My cat never chewed on paper”.  Then she saw her copy machine on the living room floor.  She said, “Good cats!” and she gave them all a treat. “Goooooooooooood caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!” Orlean said.

 Orlean wanted to have a bigger house.  She could not move because she the biggest house in the world.  Sh called the house company and they were done in a week.  The night they were done Orlean put her cats to bed in the new section.  That night while she slept, Orlean dreamed of marrying and in the morning she did.  The man’s name was Cloudy.  Orlean and Cloudy got together very well.

 The next day Bold and Trigger mated again this time Cloudy watched and he watched Bolt give birth to them.  One of them was Pony the other was Cat.

 Chapter Two

Cloudy Learns?

 On Monday Orlean asked Cloudy if he could guard the house while she was gone.  He said, “No.  I have to go learn.” 

“No?! Why not!?”  

“I have class and I have to build a car to get there.”


“It is in Burlington and we are in Montpelier.”

 The next day this was the news. “ADULT TAKES CLASS!”



“The news says adult takes class.” 

“That’s you, duh!” replied Orlean.

“Oh and look a bird robbed a trumpet and a lady screamed call an ambulance!”

“That’s funny!” Cloudy said laughing.

 Chapter Three


 It was October 29th and Orlean and Cloudy were listening to a Halloween song.   On Wednesday Cloudy had no class and on Thursday while they were handing out candy Orlean and Cloudy saw the lights go out.  Orlean said, “Pony did that.”

“Who is Pony?” a trick or treater asked.

“One of our cats.” Orlean said.

 Chapter Four


 It was November.  Cloudy’s class was done for the year.  Cloudy had an owl necklace from class that day.  One day Orlean and Cloudy were visiting Orlean’s mom and the car broke down but Cloudy had spare parts and it only took two minutes.  It took all day to get there but they had lots of water.  When they got there she was waiting at the front door.

 When they were home Orlean and Cloudy saw Bold and Trigger mating.  Bolt gave birth to a kitten.  When she was done she ran in circles.  She was excited, very excited.  They named him Bert  Then she got all the cats at the shelter.  The cats were smart.  They piled up.

 There was only 4 cats at the shelter.  Their names were Subaru, Cheve, Watchcat (he wore a watch), and Mark.  Mark meowed 10 times he was inside.  Then he did a rollover.  He was happy he went, “Yeow, Yeowey!”  Mark yelled a lot.  He could stand on his back legs!

 Bert jumped and hissed a lot.  Orlean planted some catnip one day.  One day Orlean went to the store to get a copy machine but it was closed.  That night while she slept Orlean woke up at 12:00am.  “Hello!” said Orlean.  Just then Cloudy appeared and said, “why are you awake?”

 “I heard something.”

“Me too.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“No.  Do you?”


 They went to the catroom to see if it was a cat.  “Pony!”  It was a cat.  “Get in the catroom!” said Orlean. Pony hissed then meowed.

 Orlean and Cloudy went to bed after they got Pony into the catroom.  AFter they went to bed they were happy.  In the morning Bolt gave birth to a kitten.  They named him Piper.  One day Orlean and Cloudy were visiting Cloudy’s mom and it took 10 minutes.  They had a nice time.

 Orlean and Cloudy were sad when they were home.  They had a good time.  They were sad until they saw Bolt mating.  They named her Jewel.  She was nice and had a diamond.  

 The next day Cloudy said, “I wish I had a helicopter.”  He walked over to his dest and there was a helicopter with a remote.  It was amazing!


photo (18)


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