Three Weeks Worth!

So I have three weeks worth of stuff to fill you in on!  We took Thanksgiving week off since Little Kid was home from school so there isn’t a ton to report about that other than they spent hours and hours playing together. I *really* miss having her home during the week and Aaron does too, especially when it comes to playing outside.

The week before Thanksgiving we covered a bunch of the Golden Age of India for history.  We used the Usborne book, Story of the World, and the Kingfisher Atlas of World History that I purchased.  I am a pretty big fan of the KAoWH, I love the use of maps in it, which is an area where a lot of other history books are lacking.

In math that week we covered more fact families with addition and subtraction.  Numbers 11-15 were covered.  BK didn’t really enjoy a lot of this but he is getting much quicker at recall now so I consider that a plus.  He is really “getting” the number relationships too which helps a lot.  I consider Math Mammoth to be a very good purchase for him.

In science we learned more about space including the lunar landing and space shuttles.  He thought the video of the lunar landing was pretty neat.  He was confused about why it was so low quality though so I had to explain that TV back then was WAY different than TV is now.

For handwriting and language for the month of November I had BK write a book as part of National Novel Writing Month.  Of course at 7 years old he wasn’t going to write a novel, but I wanted to give him a chance to see what it was like to write a book.  You can see what he wrote HERE.  He also kept up work on his cursive which is still going very well.

We also started a new book that week, Ida B.  It has been a great book so far.  It is pretty wordy but I consider that a good thing overall as it expands vocabulary and makes BK ask a lot of questions.

Extras the week before Thanksgiving included two hours of time helping Dada and I get our winter car working and back home, basketball practice, and a doctor appointment.

Last week we kept on Ida B and cursive.

In math we covered fact families from 16-18 and did a couple of reviews going over the material that we had already covered.  BK also did a bit of math on Time4Learning including a bit about measuring things.

In science we read about Buzz Aldrin in Reaching for the Moon which was a lot of fun.  It was neat to BK to see what life was like for an astronaut before he was actually an astronaut.

For art we looked at a bunch of pictures of Medieval Islamic art then BK drew his own art based on that.  He saw a lot of plates decorated in bright colors so that is what he did on his project.  We also learned about footprints in homeschool group (I was the teacher last week) so he got to use a bunch of stamps to make a “story” on a piece of paper.  Both pieces of art are pictured below.

Extras last week included Time4Learning, Minecraft, basketball, a trip to the vet with the new kitten and I, and a trip to his Grammy’s house.  When both kids were with Grammy they made sugar cookies, decorated them, and them brought them around to a couple of different nursing homes.  Both kids had a lot of fun doing that and LK enjoyed her day off school on Friday while on the little adventure.

That is what we have covered in the last three weeks! Hopefully I can stay on track with blogging better the next couple of weeks but we will have to see! With the holidays coming things get hectic!  Little Kid gets a good chunk of time off from school soon too so we are excited about that!

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)



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