Hi! I am still here!

Hello all!

I have an awful lot to catch you up on.  The last time I posted was in the beginning of December, which is completely crazy as it is now the middle of February.

Things quickly got hectic in December with the holidays and with Little Kid in school and then on a LONG Christmas break.  We also ended up with a new kitten that needed vet care and to be neutered and then he got sick etc.  In addition to all that we had family gatherings and extracurriculars like basketball happening.  Plus the whole family ended up sick about 3 weeks ago with what I can only assume was influenza.  2.5 weeks later I am still *still* coughing, as is Big Kid.  I blame Little Kid for bringing home germs from school 😉 . For whatever reason, it just ended up keeping me far too busy to keep up with the blog.  I hope now that the holidays are through that I will be able to keep up a bit better!

We are still using and loving Build Your Library and are 14 weeks into the second grade curriculum.  Just today I got spiral notebooks for the copy work and the vocabulary sections.  Admittedly we have sort of skipped a lot of the copy work and vocab until this point.  I have made the decision that we aren’t going to do that anymore so now I have the notebooks and we are going to take it on!  Big Kid can ALWAY use the extra practice with handwriting.

We are still working our way through cursive and just started on “tow truck” connections.  BK seems to enjoy them and is doing well overall with cursive.  He does have some trouble with the letter r but I don’t really blame him, it is a bit difficult and doesn’t look like the letter in print at all so it is a bit confusing.

In history we are studying the middle ages.  We recently read a bunch about vikings and what life was like as a viking.  We also just talked about the Battle of Hastings.  I am still having BK read to me aloud for history.  If he is reading from Story of the World (per the curriculum) he is reading aloud and I am listening, using that chance to make sure he is pronouncing words correctly (like the long a in Hastings).  This also allows me to be SURE that he has read the work.  I read the literature book aloud to him so this is his chance to narrate to me.

In science we have been studying the planets and outer space.  So far BK seems to enjoy it and has learned quite a bit about space.  We just covered comets and meteors and today we read about the Big Bang.  In addition to the books we use for the curriculum I got BK Born with a Bang which explains more in depth what the Big Bang was.  He read through that on his own during rest time and while he might not “get” a lot of it just yet I he really liked the book overall and I think it will spark some good questions later on when he is a bit bigger.

For math we have been covering quite a bit of stuff.  We finished the Math Mammoth 2A book and moved on to the Singapore 2A book to finish that out.  We had stopped Singapore just as we got to multiplication and division and switched to Math Mammoth to really hammer home some more addition/subtraction.  Since I was confident that had been mastered pretty well we moved back to the Singapore book where we will stay until we finish it out, then back to Math Mammoth 2B!  Big Kid is doing remarkably well with multiplication which makes me excited. It is almost like a switch is finally starting to flick, ever so slightly, toward to on position with math.  He has always done okay with it but now it is really starting to click I think.

For literature we have read Viking Adventure and we started Castle Diary this week.  Both have been okay though Viking Adventures was rather…lame.  It wasn’t very in depth and was a bit too predictable, even for BK.  Castle Diary is doing better so far though the language is a bit harder for me to read aloud, just because of the time period it is supposed to be “written” in.

For extras BK finished up a busy season of basketball! He had a blast with it and is already looking forward to next year.  I am looking forward to next year too because we get to move up from 8am and 9am games to 10am, 11am, or 12pm games.  That makes Saturday’s a MUCH happier place for everyone in my house!  Coming up he is starting the climbing team at our local indoor climbing gym and he is going to start Ju Juitsu through our parks and recreation department.  Before I know it, it will be time to start signing up for summer camps!

In the coming week or two I have to start work on our end of year assessment for the state.  I have opted to do a portfolio this year though I have learned it can be MUCH less complicated than what I did last year, so that is very exciting.  It does however mean going through all the work we have done since last March and picking out what to show for what area of study.  It also means I have to write up the “plan” for our study next year for the state.  Little Kid has decided she wants to homeschool too so I will be writing two plans, one for each of the kids and filling out all the paperwork for both of them after I finish the end of year portfolio for BK.

In all I would say we are doing pretty well, just super busy as happens sometimes this time of year, especially with our “end of year” happening in March!  I do hope to be back in action on at least a weekly basis from now on!

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One Response to Hi! I am still here!

  1. Casey says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love reading what others are doing (especially when they have kids at similar ages). I’m constantly worrying that we don’t do enough, so I’m not sure if posts like this help or feed my anxiety. 🙂

    Sounds like all is well though. Keep posting. I love to read what you’re up to!

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