Excellent Week!

This last week has been great.  Little Kid has been home from school on winter break and it has been awesome to have her here with us doing homeschool.  She wanted to see what homeschooling would be like and we were in the middle of stuff with Big Kid so I just kept school going!

We read more about the Middle Ages in Europe and started a bit about Japan during the same time.  BK read history aloud as usual and LK got to listen.

We kept up worked on cursive for BK as well as adding copy work in print and vocabulary again.

For math we kept going in the Singapore book and ended up finishing it up last week.  I was impressed.  He did pretty well with the multiplication but will need more practice for sure.  We start back to the Math Mammoth text, 2B tomorrow.  That will give him more practice with borrowing and carrying which he had briefly forgotten how to do, but did fine once I reminded him again.  One of the reasons I prefer MM to Singapore.

For science we learned about the moon phases and constellations. BK was a fan and made note of the new moon last night on the 1st.

Little Kid, I kept things for her slightly more mellow.  She finished her Explode the Code book 1 and started book 2, entirely on her own.  She worked on the 1A Singapore Standards book that I got for her for next year.  She did really well with it.  I also got her a 20 weeks of word families book and she did a bunch of pages in that too…plus she kept up work on her Kindergarten BrainQuest book.  It wasn’t terribly heavy stuff but she did well with it, stayed motivated, and kept herself busy when I was busy helping BK out with something.

Both kids of course got to listen to the book I read aloud.  We finished up Castle Diary and they both really enjoyed it.

They also spent a HUGE amount of time playing together both inside and out which was awesome for me.  I am used to having to keep BK entertained on my own all day so this was a wonderful treat and he really enjoyed her company.

In all I would say it was a GREAT week and it gives me a lot of hope for having LK back with us once school is out!

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