Our Little Routine!

One of my readers asked about our daily routine and while the time varies slightly it is pretty standard overall so I thought I would share.

First thing is I get up in the morning.  I spend a few minutes on my own as I am not the nicest person in the morning and I need a little bit to wake up and remember that I shouldn’t eat the people that talk to me in the morning.

Once I am awake I call the kids down and they have breakfast.  I get Little Kid’s hair brushed, have her brush her teeth, get snow gear on etc, and get her ready for and then onto the bus.  During this time Big Kid is usually goofing off/brushing teeth/etc.

Once that is all taken care of I get all the work for the day out and put it on the kitchen table then I get myself some breakfast and BK starts on his math.  Usually I check to make sure he knows what he is doing and then I go shower while he works on that.  So far that has worked okay for us though sometimes I have to wait because he needs help with the math.

Once I am clean and his math is done he starts on cursive, then copy work, then reading comprehension.  When those are all done usually BK reads our history aloud to me.  I do this because it lets me be sure he read it and more importantly to make sure he is pronouncing the words correctly.  The downside of a kid that started reading super early is that unless they read aloud you can’t be sure they are getting words correct so I use this time and this reading for that.  If there is science or art that day he does those both after.

Then the new thing I implemented was creative writing where I give him a prompt and he has to write a few sentences about whatever it was.  He was having trouble paying attention when he prints and was ending up with capitals where they didn’t belong and g’s way above the line etc so the writing is more to focus on making sure periods and capitals are where they go than anything else though it is also good for him to learn to write with a prompt.

When all that is done (usually takes about 2 or 2.5 hours) BK tends to play outside or inside for awhile.  Doing whatever he thinks sounds like fun that is non-electronic.  Usually it involves a lot of imaginative play.  If there are chores to be done he does those in this time and we do errands in this time too.  Then, by about 11, if all things have gone well I will let him have 30/45 minutes on the computer (usually Minecraft).  Then it is time for lunch.

After lunch he plays for a bit and then it is rest time.  This is both for him to have some downtime/quiet time and so I can get a bit of a break.  He reads or plays quietly in his room while I watch TV or sometimes sneak in a short nap.

When that is over it is time to get LK off the bus and then they play together for the rest of the afternoon until dinner and bed time!  Overall it is pretty easy but it is also simple to modify if needed in case we have an appointment to go to, or group, or an extra activity, or (like last week) LK has a snow day.

So there you have it! Just a basic day around our house!

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