Still Trucking!

We are still here and still trucking along with homeschooling!

We took a week off when Little Kid had her break from school.  We were super busy that week so I called off homeschool too!

We have been studying geology for science, which has been a lot of fun. We “made” a sedimentary rock, which was admittedly challenging to find the materials for as it has been a LATE spring here.

We have been reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon for read aloud.  I am quite fond of this book and BK seems to like it too.  It is really well done and engaging.  This time I tried to buy it on the Kindle, which works, but isn’t ideal for the way I like to do things.  Normally I look ahead and pick spelling/vocab words out of the book we are reading and it isn’t as easy to “flip through” a book, so to speak, on the Kindle as it is with a real paper book.  I can (and sometimes do) use the vocabulary words that Build Your Library suggests, but sometimes I like to go a bit “off book” too.

In math we have kept up with triple digit addition and subtraction.  I have also added in timed math drills, one a day, to work on memorization of simple math facts.  For whatever reason BK hasn’t mastered memorizing the math facts despite working on it in many different ways, and still counts on his fingers for each math problem…so I have started drills where he has 60 seconds to get 20 problems correct and if he can do that 3 days in a row he gets to “move up” to the next number (he passed 0, and 1…and is now working on 2).

We finished off the Handwriting Without Tears cursive book last week so that has officially been completed.  What I need to do now is pick a keyboarding/typing program because it would be awesome to have him home row typing soon.

History has been more of the Middle Ages.  Last week was a week long bit about Marco Polo which BK found interesting.  I had him read this book aloud to me for a page or two each day to make sure he is pronouncing words correctly.  He usually does well enough but there are some that I have to help him with, which is why I find having him read aloud to me so important.

We also found some frog eggs in the pool (when it was still more of a pond) so now we have ALMOST got tadpoles.  The eggs are wiggling etc so it won’t be long, maybe even tomorrow.  Then we will feed them and care for them and watch them transform into frogs! I am probably more excited than the kids about this as this is yet another neat thing we never got to do when I was a kid in public school!

Last week I also purchased Grade 3 from Build Your Library.  Grade 2 has gone well, and we are only 22 weeks in (out of 36) but there was a sale so I ordered it.  I also opted to get it printed out.  When I got Grade 1 I printed it out and kept it in a 3 ring binder.  For Grade 2 I decided to see if I could do it just keeping it as a PDF on the computer.  While the PDF option works, it isn’t awesome overall and I find it makes things more challenging, so for Grade 3 (and what’s left of Grade 2 for us) I had it printed out and shipped to me from Fedex printing.  It worked well and I did it all online, which was awesome.  I got both of them spiral bound as well.

Anyway, that is where we are at right now! Starting week 22 tomorrow.  Hard to believe that in just 6 weeks Little Kid will be here with us full time! I can’t WAIT for her to be back! She seems excited about homeschooling too so hopefully it stays that way.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.34.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.34.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.34.56 PM

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One Response to Still Trucking!

  1. ellycp says:

    We are starting build your library grade 2 in September (having tried moving beyond the page) so it’s really interesting to read your experiences. Thanks!

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