What Our Days Look Like!

I thought I would do an updated version of what our days look like.  This is what a normal day looks like at our house, times listed are the only ones that are relatively consistent.

7:30 I get up, get out school work, have a drink, call the kids down.

7:40 I call the kids down.  They eat breakfast.  While they eat I do my exercise (sometimes walking, sometimes kettlebell….varies between 15 and 30 minutes).

Once I am done that the kids are usually done eating so I shoo them off to get dressed, clean faces, and brush teeth.  I know this isn’t something that is important to a lot of homeschooling families but I prefer to keep a routine of them being presentable because we have errands and appointments on various days and for me (and my kids) it is just easier to keep it all routine.

When they are dressed I check in on their math work and make sure they know what they are doing.  I check to make sure LK can read the problems that she needs to and set them started on that while I go take my own shower for the day.

While I shower they work on their math and start their workbooks.

Workbooks include Scholastic Grammar, 180 Days of Reading, Explode the Code (for Little Kid), and Daily Language Review (for Big Kid).  They are all pretty short and are just good primers/review for the kids.  It is also a good way for me to be sure BK is doing all right with his reading comprehension, as that was one of his weakest areas though he has improved leaps and bounds.

By the time I am done my shower they are usually working on copy work for the day.  Sometimes I have to help them out, especially LK, with the workbook stuff they didn’t understand/ couldn’t read, but usually they are pretty self-motivated.

With that covered BK reads aloud to LK (and myself) from our history reading for the day.  With that done he reads science to her and then they do the science activity that goes along with it.  I help as needed, usually with pronouncing the words.  Most of them he knows, but sometimes needs a bit of help.

With all that done it is usually around 10:30 or 11am.  If we have errands or appointments they are scheduled for around 11ish and we go.  If we don’t have appointments/errands the kids play until lunch time, usually outside.

At noon we have lunch and that usually ends up lasting until around 1pm because LK takes FOREVER to eat.  Seriously, I don’t understand how she could possibly take that long.  While they eat I read aloud from whatever book we are covering with BYL.

Once lunch is done they play some more.  Sometimes outside, sometimes inside, sometimes they get computer time.  This depends a lot on the day.

At 2pm everyone goes for a rest, including Mama.  The kids go to their own rooms where they are free to play, read, or sleep as long as they are quiet.  We all use this time to have our own space and time to be apart from each other.  Pregnant Mama uses the time to take a nap, watch TV, do housework, or whatever else (sometimes even read my own books!).

At 3:30 we all get up and hang out until I have to make dinner.  The kids play boardgames, they play outside, we go swimming, they torment (I mean play) with the cat, whatever the day calls for.

We eat dinner at 6pm and then typically watch Jeopardy at 7.  From there eventually the kids go to bed and then read for 15-20 minutes before falling asleep only to start it all over again the next day!

Obviously things change slightly depending on what activities the kids are signed up for.  If there are “after school” activities dinner gets moved around.  If there are homeschool related activities things get shifted around.  The plus side is homeschooling is quite flexible so if we need to move things or not do workbooks or whatever it isn’t a big deal!


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