Hello Again!

Hello there readers!

For those following along you know it has been FOREVER since I have written.  We had a new addition to the family in September and things have been hectic as we all adjust to what the new monster baby (MB) means for our schedules and daily life etc.

When MB was first born, we took several weeks off from schooling because Mama was nothing short of a zombie (not that I am any better now, I have just adjusted to it!).  I “made time” for that this summer by keeping up with our schooling on the weeks that LK and BK didn’t have camp, so instead of “summer break” we had “baby break”.

Once we started back up we kept going with Build Your Library grade 3.  Of course we are using it for 2 kids now, age 6 and 8, and I haven’t had any trouble adapting it to use easily with both kids.  The hardest part is getting LK to do the copy work but I had similar trouble with BK back when he was her age, so I know if we just keep it up she will get used to it.

The focus with this grade of BYL is the early modern world and microscopes/chemistry.  We have read many awesome books so far including Out of Many Waters, Mandy,  and The Ghost in Tokaido Inn.  The readers with this grade (first grade level with readers for BYL) have been excellent too and my kids have enjoyed all the books so far.

We have also kept up with Math Mammoth.  BK has moved on to book 3B and LK has moved on to book 1B and both are excelling using that program.  I am still very impressed with how the books teach the lessons and how little I have to actually help them understand the concepts.

It has all been going really well but last week I decided that we need a break from “the usual” and the mid-winter doldrums have hit, so I have switched things up a bit! We got as far as finishing week 12 of grade 3 and as it turns out, the reader *and* the literature book both end that same week so it was a good chance to take a little break.

Instead, we have been doing the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone unit study (also from BYL) for our literature/main component and I have added in the reading of Born with a Bang for our science section.  A lot of the Born with a Bang stuff seems a bit over their heads (duh, at 6 and 8 years old) but I like exposing them to it anyway so when we talk about it more in depth as they get older they will already be familiar with it, on a basic level.  We have also done a couple of science experiments (seen in pictures below).

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.42.35 PM

For math we are taking it “easy” and have gone back to the Excel Math curriculum that I bought and used over the summer.  It is great review and is good for practice etc but I wouldn’t trust it as a main curriculum, the lessons are just too short and the spiral nature of it can be confusing for my kids.  Math Mammoth is a much better fit but takes longer in the day to day to complete a lesson.

For history I am “cheating” and we are watching Mankind the Story of All of Us.  It is a good enough show but it isn’t 100%.  Again, just good for them to be exposed to the ideas in the show.  They seem to find it engaging enough and it is a good break from Story of the World.

Right now BK and LK are both doing basketball through our local parks and rec department.  This is BK’s third year doing it and LK decided she wanted to try it out too.  It has been great for them overall though the 3rd/4th graders play with much more zeal than the 1st/2nd graders do so that has been a pretty big adjustment for BK.

In all we are doing well, just super busy.  With any luck I will do a little better at keeping up with the blog, we will see!

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