First week of February!

This last week I decided we were going to piecemeal things together in an effort to be a bit less rigid and a bit more relaxed for a couple of weeks.  I mentioned in my last post that we were doing the Harry Potter Unity Study.  We read the first week of the book and it was excellent.  It has been a lot of fun reading it aloud to the kids.  There are also little “projects” to do for this unit study so they have been doing things like filling out information on magical things etc.

For science we have jumped around here and there.  I have had BK read Born with a Bang to LK.  We also did that science experiment I last posted about.  I wanted an “easy” day too so we watched the PBS documentary called A Murder of Crows, which is about how smart crows are.  It was really neat to watch and the kids loved it.

For math we did a few days worth of Excel Math but we also started Times Tales.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of it but so far it seems pretty awesome.  It is based on stories where the “characters” look like numbers.  You remember the story in order and figure out the math problem.  Example.  Mrs Week (7) sat on a char (4) to go fishing.  She caught 2 rubber boots and 8 trout. 7 x 4 = 28.  Pretty neat idea overall.  We will see how the kids do with it but it can’t hurt!

We, admittedly, haven’t done any real history as of last week. We watched one episode of Mankind the Story of All of Us.  What we HAVE been doing is working on essay writing.  I realized we had sort of left that behind so we have been writing an essay a week for a few weeks now.  Week 1 was about MB’s birth, and week 2 was about whatever they wanted (BK wrote about Christmas, LK wrote about Nature).  We have started with the idea of a brainstorm day, a first draft/correction day, and then a final draft day.  So far they seem to be catching on pretty quickly which is awesome.

In all, it was a good week and didn’t feel overly busy, which was exactly the goal of this little “break” we are taking.

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