Another Week of Harry Potter


We have kept up out unity study on Harry Potter.  The downside is I am a bit daft sometimes and *completely* missed the herbology section of the unit study.  Oops.  As it turns out, that works fine because I can use that section in the spring, should spring ever decide to arrive.  I have read Harry Potter before, of course, but it has been great to read it over again with the kids now that they are a bit older.

Science last week was the next book in the Universe series with Lava to Life which tells the story of how life came to be on Earth.  The kids really seem to like that series and it is useful for me to have BK read it aloud to LK so I can correct his pronunciation as needed and so I can be sure they are reading it all/understanding it as best as possible.

History I have admittedly been slacking a bit on.  I have a plan for this coming week but I didn’t for last week, so we just sort of skipped that bit.  The kids did watch one more episode of Mankind the Story of All of Us but found it boring and kept asking me how much time was left in it.

We have also been working quite heavily on essay writing.  This is one skill I was a bit behind on teaching them but the bonus of homeschooling is now that I realized that we can focus on it really strongly for a couple of weeks and get them both caught up, if not ahead of the curve.  I have taught them how to brain storm ideas and how to write a thought tree then use that tree to write a first draft.  Then we talk about the stories they have written and I correct them, then on Fridays they do the final draft adding in what they need to and correcting as they go. Below is the first draft of LKs essay.  She did pretty well overall her spelling is just a bit off which isn’t a big deal for the end-ish of 1st grade.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.49.28 PM

Math this week was a mix of Excel, Mammoth, and Times Tales.  They whined a bit when I asked them to watch Times Tales again but when I asked them to tell me the stories from memory and neither of them could they realized that watching it again was important.

We are also approaching the end of the year for us.  We school year round and March/April is usually our transition point where I put together the portfolios for the state and where I give them each a standardized test (for my own records and to expose them to it should they ever go to public school).  I placed the order for the IOWA tests today so we will do the testing at the end of March/start of April.

That covers the bulk of our week last week! This coming week we get to finish the first Harry Potter book! I am very excited!

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