Harry Potter Complete! (Week of February 16)

This week we finished Harry Potter and the Scorer’s Stone.  I am so happy with this book.  It is so well done and interesting to the kids.  The only problem we have is that NEITHER of the kids could manage to wait until the last day for the last chapter so for reading before bed both of them read the last chapter on their own (I still read the last chapter aloud anyway!).

For science this week I had Aaron read aloud to Ivy from Mammals Who Morph.  They both loved the book and it was the end of the series so it played nicely with the 3 week unity study of Harry Potter.

Math this week was another combination of  Excel, Mammoth, and Times Tales.  BK and LK were both able to tell a “tale” each to their GP this afternoon so they are remembering things well, which is awesome.

For history/social studies I found a series on Netflix Instantwatch called How the States Got Their Shapes and we watched 3 episodes of that.  It was an interesting series and the kids enjoyed it.  Full of various trivia which BK has always been a fan of.  We will watch more episodes of this going forward.

For art this week we made Dada pictures since he was out of town for part of the week.  Below is the drawing LK made of the family to show Dada that she missed him.


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