Coming Back Home

Hello readers! Anyone still out there?

I fell off the face of the Earth when it came to blogging and then Big Kid decided he wanted to go to public school in January 2016, so to public school he went. Then we decided Middle Kid would join him at the same school in August for the start of the 2016-2017 school year.

Both seemed to enjoy it well enough but they weren’t the same kids I had known through the years of homeschooling. Big Kid would be antsy and full of energy from sitting still all day. Middle Kid barely talked because she had been with people for hours and as a tried and true introvert, she was done *done* by the end of the day.

They started asking to come back home a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if that was something I wanted to do or not, though. I know they require a decent amount of interacting with other kids and with my anxiety in it’s current state (BAD) I knew that wasn’t going to be easy.

So, I started looking. I started reaching out to find ways to have weekly interaction with the same batch of kids so they could make consistent friends, good friends. I ended up finding a couple of groups locally that would fit into our schedule and I did the most important thing I could for ME, I hired a sitter. I found a sitter to come in every week for 5 hours. She is going to take the kids OUT while *I* get to stay HOME. As another member of the introvert club I can’t really “recharge” without getting time alone.  Anyone that has homeschooled knows that’s not an easy task when homeschooling any number of kids, much less three.

So, for now, we wait for our paperwork to come through from the state saying we are “allowed” to homeschool again. Once I have that in my hands I will let their teachers know when to expect their last days to be and make sure we have the contact information for the kids they have grown close to from school.

For curriculum I am planning on using Build Your Library grade 5, for both kids. I am really excited that grade 5 uses The History of US instead of Story of the World for social studies/history.  I am excited to read the books in the curriculum this year too, as they all look amazing.

We are going a different route with science this year. We are going to try R.E.A.L Chemistry for both kids.  I am hoping we like it because the idea is very appealing.

We are also adding in Soaring with Spelling and Winning with Writing. Big Kid doesn’t really seem to need spelling but it won’t hurt him and Middle Kid will benefit from it too, even if just from the handwriting.

I expect it will take a few weeks to find out grove again and how to fit in each activity and *still* get the schoolwork done, but we will find it and hopefully they are happy they asked to come back home.

So here’s to restarting the great adventure of learning right along with my kids!

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