Prepping for the First Week Back!

The kids officially finished their last day at public school today which means Monday starts our school year here at home! It also means Mama needs to start going through our supplies and make sure things are settled and ready to go. Right now that means looking through the Math Mammoth books to see where each kid should be. Middle Kid has gone through part of this math book before but it was ages ago (in kid time) and they have been working on pretty basic stuff at public school so I need to get an idea of where she should actually start in her 3A book.  Big Kid is in a similar spot only MM and the local public school do things in a different order, even though both are CC aligned.

I also like to go through the readers that we use from Build Your Library and pick a question or “assignment” from each section. It’s not part of the curriculum and not really part of the approach that BYL takes but I like giving them a writing prompt related to what they read and having them answer it the best that they can.  This is especially important for BK as he started reading really young and while his vocabulary, spelling, and reading level are all way above average he still needs work on his comprehension so this gives him a way to think about what he read and to show me that he is “getting” what he read.  The bonus is the books chosen by BYL are pretty awesome so I have no problem reading them ahead of time myself!

The last thing I have to take care of is making sure we have all the supplies needed for the first couple of weeks of our science program. REAL Science Odyssey  is heavily experiment/lab based but has a lovely “supplies needed by week” list in the front of the book, so that step shouldn’t be too hard!

So here’s to some Halloween candy, some coffee, and a nice corner to read a lovely book!


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