The Benefits of Homeschooling (for our family)

When people hear that I homeschool, typically the first thing I am asked is, “What about socialization?” (because children are dogs of course). The second is “Why? Are they too smart for regular school?” (because naturally I must think my kids are geniuses).

The reality is, that homeschooling just works better for my children and myself. I figured I would go over just a sampling of some of the benefits that homeschooling has for our family.

First up is a more flexible schedule.  We are no longer “ruled” by the 7:38am bus and the 3:22pm bus drop off.  Appointments can be made whenever they are available. There’s no rush to eat breakfast in the morning (middle kid will literally eat the same bowl of cereal for 2 hours, gross). I don’t have to worry about bedtime being by X time so they can be awake at Y time in order to get ready in time.

Secondly, I can really tailor learning to my kids. If we read something and they want to know more, I can look up and teach them more. We are also more free to go into “reasons” behind things that they might not be able to in public school.  For example, we watch CNN Student News every day and part of the episode showed that some people were upset with Trump’s appointment of Bannon as Chief Strategist.  Big kid asked why so we were able to research White Nationalism and what it means and why people would be upset with that viewpoint being in such an important role in the White House. I am also able to add more math if one of the kids needs more practice and am able to skip math if they “get” it quickly.

The third thing, and honestly the most important in my life is that my kids and I are able to interact during the day.  We aren’t stuck behind the “rush” to get everything done in a short amount of time. This allows us to have real, relaxed interactions. We can joke and laugh and play silly games.  And yes, while they were at school it was still possible to act that way…but I always knew we still had limitations and that they needed to get showers done and backpacks packed etc.  It was also more difficult while at school because they would come home D.O.N.E. After being with 23+ kids all day, every day, they were mentally exhausted by the time they got off the bus in the afternoon…but NOT physically exhausted because they spent so much of their day sitting and listening.

Honestly, they are different children when they are homeschooled, and I am a better mother because homeschooling allows me a chance to be much more relaxed and flexible. Yes, we still need to get math done, but it doesn’t HAVE to be done in X amount of time.  Yes, we have to make it to X, Y, and Z activities, but we don’t have to be there ALL day just a few hours.   Homeschooling is an amazing thing for our family. Of course it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, anyone that says so is lying, but the positives for us FAR outweigh the negatives.


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