How Things are Going so Far

We have been back in the swing of things for three weeks now and so far things are going well! We have a “routine” of some sort figured out. Start with math, then reader, spelling, writing, history (or science, we alternate days)…CNN Student News. Then I read aloud over lunch time.

This has left our late mornings/afternoons free for things like hanging out with friends, running errands, or just playing at home. The kids have friends over on Monday, Tuesday is for errands, Wednesday is CSA pick up/Early Intervention for the toddler/band for Big Kid), Thursday is open gym, and Friday is the day the sitter takes them to homeschool activities.

We have been having good luck fitting things into a four day week. It is awesome for me because I am not trying to get the kids to get their work done before the sitter gets here on Friday *and* the kids like it because they only have school for four days a week! We are still completing the same amount work per week, it’s just condensed.

The weeks keep going by awfully quickly so I consider that a pretty good thing. It means the days are busy and exciting. Everyone knows boring days D.R.A.G. by…

So that’s us for now! Off I go to read more of next week’s reader for the kids so I can make a question for them from each section. I keep it simple but it lets me remind them to pay attention to the reading and make sure they are getting the more subtle details of the stories. Completed so far: Sees Behind Trees (reader) and Children of the Longhouse.  We have also started Around the World in 100 Years, which I am quite fond of so far.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.33.50 PM.png

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One Response to How Things are Going so Far

  1. Yay! Sounds like things are going great! We have been going since August.

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