I am Shannon and I am a relatively new homeschooling mom from Vermont.  We started homeschooling in mid-October 2012 and haven’t looked back since!  My blog is mostly day to day activities that I cover with my kids with an occasional dabbling of other homeschooling topics as they come up.

My kids were born in June 2006 (boy),  May 2008 (girl), September 2014 (boy) so as of right now they are 10, 8, and 2 years old.  Both love to learn in a variety of ways and are already showing preferences for different things.  Big Kid started reading very young with absolutely zero effort on my part and hasn’t stopped since while Middle Kid (little kid in the old blogs!) is quite good at math for her age and doesn’t even bother counting on her fingers for simple addition/subtraction.  She is just starting to pick up reading too which is a lot of fun for all three of us!

Myself and Little Kid from a few years ago.  One of the few shots of me that I have!

Myself and Little Kid from a few years ago. One of the few shots of me that I have!


I was featured at HHM


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  1. kate riley says:

    I’m going to homeschool my kindergartener this year. Can you tell me if you have to fill out a Teacher End of Year Assessment each year? Thank you

    • Every year you need to do end of year paperwork. That can be a teacher assessment, a portfolio, or an approved standardized test. HOWEVER you don’t have to submit any paperwork at all until the year your kiddo turns 6. As an example my little guy was born in September 2014 so I haven’t got to submit any paperwork for him until the 2020/2021 school year.

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